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Student’s Testimonials

Myself Dr. Simranjeet Kaur from Assam. Joined ‘The Academy of Dental Excellence ‘ on july - 2014 under the guidance of Dr. Kulshrest .

The experience was good & worth joining.

Dr. Simran Kaur, Assam

I am Dr. Ritika Vyas from Rajasthan. I have joined Academy in August-2014 . It’s a life changing experience for me. Dr. Gunita and Dr. Tanvir are really nice person.

Dr. Kulshrest is teaching & guiding us in Endodontics. My Experience is great what I knew was not at all even enough as B.D.S . I have attend 6 – 8 class till today but I am feeling very confident & I am thankful to Dr. Kulshrest for teaching in a friendly manner.

Ritika Vyas

I choose to learn from the best. Academy of Dental Excellence was the place for it. In just eight weeks, I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime in the field of dentistry. This program is great for anyone. I highly recommend it.

Dr Tuzuk Saikia, BDS , PGIDS, Rohtak

I had joined the academy of Dental excellence just after finishing my internship. I undervent a 6 months program of all the clinical subjects, guided by Dr. Gunita & Dr. Tanvir. It was a really wonderful experience for me.

The program made me different from other colleagues of my batch. Now in the starting of my carrier I am so much confident in handling patient by my own. I am really thankful to Dr. Tanvir & Dr. Gunita and his colleagues. Thanks a lot sir.

Dr. Manali Verma (BDS) Guwahati (Assam)

I had joined the "Academy of Dental Excellence" in the year '2002' during my internship. I did Ortho program from Dr. Tanvir Singh and this coures made me different from other dentist, my friends at BDS level. The efforts made by Dr. Tanvir is great & superb. From last 5 years. I did more than 100 cases undepently and till today. Dr. Tanvir is very helpful and co-operative. What I am today in orthodontics is just because of Dr. Tanvir and his other colleagues. Thanks a lot to Dr. Tanvir.

Dr. Sachin Arora

I underwent a short program in the academy of Dental excellence in orthodontics under Dr. Tanvir Singh. It was one of the best experiences of my life. This program was a very systematic porgramme carried out step by step under the guidance of Dr. Tanvir.

After undergoing this program this I can deal with cases as good as a post graduate can. I would advise my friends and colleagues also train themselves under the gradute of Dr. Tanvir. I am doing 15 cases of fixed ortho at present in different stages.

Dr. Farhan DUrani Asst. Prof. M.D.S. (Periodontial, B.H.U, Banaras

When i joined the Academy of Dental Excellence at first i was very hesitated and slow in my dental treatment and blocks but after giving a numerous local aneshthesia and blocks. I got ample amount of confidence and improvement in my work.

Dr. Abhinandan

The Academy of Dental Excellence is having a good OPD which gives me ample opportunity ot work on a large number of patients. Which has increased my confidence and skill as a dental surgeon.

Dr. Deepa Singh

Very Good Academic, There is full chance of colecting knowledge.All the staff, Assistant are very Co-orperative. Dr. Nitya, Dr. Harpreet & Dr. Gargi all aree very friendlygives there full effort. Excellent patient flow more good then my Expeciation. In one wore this is very very good academic for learning. I am totally Satisfied with the program

Dr. Shephalika

The program is very good. I learnt various techniques and works of dentistry. More Fundamental Skills should be taught to the students.

Dr Komal

The program is excellent. I am really glad to attend it. It help me in so many ways. The staff are Very Helpful and these are always there to help us. after completeing my program i am now confident though to do special thanks to Nitya , Dr. Harpreet and Dr. Gargi Ma'am for really patience with me though my journey.

Dr. Jenny

Well it was a very good Experience with this academy, Doctors are very Co-operative.It flow is excellent and Superb. The academy of dental excellence has very propitious environment for pursuing certified programs. I have done endodontics and oral & maxilofacial surgery programs from this academy. It was a very beautiful journey. Dr. Shaliki & Dr. Harpreet were my mentors. They were very good, Supportive & friendly too. Thanks to Dr. Nitya & Dr. Upinder. Spcial thanks to Dr. Tanvir Sir & Dr. Guneeta Ma'am. I would highly recommend this academy to all the Students/ Doctors who wish to improve their future Practice.

Dr. Sourav

The program I am passing is excellent. We got lots of patients. The Doctors are very much concerned & excellent in teaching and telling small doubts. i am very Happy doing this program.

Dr. Aparna

This program is really up to the marks. Madam's are so much friendly and hrlpful. This coures is really helpful in my practise life. Thnaks You very Much to all of you. God bless you all.

Dr. Aniban Singha

I, Nidhi Sharma joined these programs on 18/12/2018 till 15/1/2018, my time period of one month spend in The academy of dental excellence was good experience. I Would like to thank Dr. Shaliki Ma'am (Oral & Amxilloficl Surgeon0 who supported us & teaches each & every step in case way & made Oral Surgery a good experience & freshing & easy for us. I also would like to thank Dr. Harpreet Ma'am & Dr. Nitya Ma'am ( Endodontics) who Teaches us Endodontics with advanced method.

Dr. Nidhi Sharma

My experience was good & all at every step. During this program and I persoally say thannks to my mentors for providing me that type of knowledge &skills which is important & at least i would like to thanks to my all mentors & Management of The Acedemy of Excellence For Providing this type of facility.

Dr. Mohd Raza

I Shakhir Alam Specially thanks to my mentor Dr. Shaliki Ma'am for Oralk Surgery dept. for diving me that type of knowledge which is actually essential for us personally me. Now I feel confidence with dealing with patients also for giving me knowlegde which is actually very much enthesiastic for me .

Dr. Shakir Alam

I had joined the academy of dental excellence for oral surgery program and i have done simple and complex extraction, hemisections, transaleveolar extractions and third molar extractions and my experience is very good.

Dr. Rashmi Bara

I Dr. Komal Aggarwal student of this academy joined on 16th July 2015 till 23rd October 2015 for Endodontic (Manual & Rotary) program had an excellent experience of learning & got training under the professional faculty & staff. I want thank you for the experience. I got in your prestigious academy. I appreciate the services & which were courteous & professional. Every opportunity I may have. I will recommend your institute class academy to others.

Dr Komal Aggarwal

I am Dr. Biswatma from Bhubaneswar have joined The Academy of Dental Excellence with a new hope for endodontic program.

I felt very friendly environment have with Dr. Gunita & Dr. Tanvir they are so nice.
Initially I was so afraid to do RCT but now I am so confident in Endo & now I can manage any RCT case. Thanks to Dr. Isha & The Academy of dental excellence for their extreme support in Academy.

Dr. Biswatma

Thanks to Dr. Esha & The Academy of dental excellence for their kindness & support.
Initially I was very much afraid about RCT & Endodontics but now after joining The academy of dental excellence with the support of Dr. Tanvir & Dr. Gunita I felt very relaxed. Now I am 100% confident about Endo.
With Regards,
Dr. Rudra Burman
Ex Student The Academy of Dental excellence

Dr. Rudra Burman

Hiii m Dr prasoon Awesome only word sufficient to describe this endo program in academy of dental excellence. I m very happy I have attended this program. I had no idea about Rct. Walk in with zero idea and walk out with perfect theoretical, practical knowledge and most important confidence to do Rct. Now m very clear with Rct. M overwhelmed by what you people have taught us. M very thankful to dr Isha narang, our program co- ordinator and Dr Gunita and Dr Tanveer sir for their support and guidance

Dr Prasoon

I am fully satisfied & happy to joined here and learn with happy. In this academy all the staffs are very helpful. Teachers are very excellence in the teaching efficiency in getting have valuable things from here about dental world. Harpreet & Niti madams are good asset for this institute. Once again thanks to all in this institute.

Dr. Dinil Vanukkaran

I am highly thankful to the whole staff of this academy for lending their kind support. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Harpreet, Dr.Megha, Dr. Tanvir and Dr. Guneeta for guiding at each and every step. I would highly recommend this academy all the students who want to pursue any program

Dr Divya Pasricha

I had a great experience working here. There was no pressure. The greatest advantage of learning from the academy of dental excellence was that I gained confidence.

All the staff were very supportive & great mentor. I sincerely thank everyone here for helping me gain knowledge & confidence.

Dr Deepa Udayadharan

I am Dr. Sourav, awesome only word sufficient to describe this OMFS, Endo, FPD program in the academy of Dental Excellence. I am very happy that I have attended these programs. I had no idea about impaction, RCT and FPD. Walk in with zero idea and walk out with perfect theoretical, practical knowledge. Thanks to Dr. Deepak, Dr. Harpreet and Dr Neeti and The Academy of Dental Excellence for their kindness and support.

Dr. Sourav Adak

I would like to thank each and every person of the academy of Dental Excellence for their kind support. After joining this program I have gained lots of confidence and have learned a lot.

I would specially like to thank Dr Harpreet mam and Dr. Deepak sir for their support. Thank you.

Dr. Jinku Gogoi

It's a great academy to work with gives good procedure & lots of patients. Staff is knowledgeable & teaches you in best possible way. Thank you

Dr Jubin Patel

It was great learning experience with good staff to help through at every stage. Thanks to the Academy of Dental Excellence I am now confident enough to work on my own with the amount of practice. I have had working here

Dr Ayushi Gurung

It was really a wonderful experience pursuing the endodontic & prosthodontic program in The Academy of dental excellence. Here, I really enjoyed my work & the journey throughout. All thanks to Dr. Tanvir Singh, Dr. Gunita Singh, Dr. Harpreet, Dr. Pavneet and Dr. Upinder for guiding me. Surely want to be back here for the other programs as well.

Dr. Kaushitaki Bhaumik

I have completed my endodontics and prosthodontics programs in The Academy of Dental Excellence. I really enjoyed my work & the journey throughout. All thanks to Dr. Tanvir Singh, Dr. Gunita Singh, Dr. Harpreet, Dr. Pavneet and Dr. Upinder for helping me to complete the endodontics and prosthodontics programs.

Dr. Moumita Majumder

I am really thankful to Dr. Tanvir Singh, Dr. Gunita Singh, Dr. Harpreet, Dr. Pavneet and Dr. Upinder for helping me to complete the endodontics program. Thanks to all doctors.

Dr. Priyanka Saha

Extremely supporting and experienced teachers Dr. Tanvir, Dr. Gunita, Dr. Ratta & Dr, Himani. The staff made every effort possible to make me learn for what I was here. All my doubts and problems were cleared, the timings here according to my schedule and never ending patient work. After the programs, I have gained a lot of confidence and have impressed my work, I left that almost all my patients were satisfied, all thanks to the academy staff. I was here for almost a month and build good relations with all the academy staff, doctors and my colleagues. I will miss this place for soul!!!
Thanks and the best to the trainee!!!!

Dr. Kriti Adlakha Kukreja

It was a great journey for me to be in the Academy, it was always a feel at home kind of environment inside the academy. My special thanks to Dr. Tanvir Singh, Dr. Ruchi and Dr. Harpreet.

It was worth coming all the way here and learn new things and going back taking something I had set exposed to earlier.

Thank you
The Academy of Dental Excellence

Dr. Pauzieleubo

I would like to express my thanks to the entire team (Especially Dr. Shailiki, Dr. Nitya, Dr. Gargi & Dr. Upinder) of The Academy of Dental Excellence for Providing an opportunity to save the patients for their dental needs. Thanks to Academy of Dental Excellence!!!

Dr. Sukhdeep Kaur (Canada)

Learning in this institute was a life changing experience. On the very first day it was scared of Oral Surgery, but thanks to Dr. Gunita & her team and most important my Oral Surgery teacher Dr. Shailiki Wadhera, who has developed my immense interest in Oral Surgery. I thoroughly enjoyed my learning in this institute. Thanks you very much Gunita Mam!!!!!!!!

Dr. Shuchi V. Kulkarni (Raipur, India)

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