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Proper diagnosis and treatment planning is as important as the way a doctor executes it in Orthodontics. The orthodontic course is designed to ensure complete learning and training for those who wants to add orthodontic practice to their existing dental services. The course comprises of extensive lectures and hands-on that can boost your confidence in the field of Orthodontics.


  • Introduction to Orthodontics
  • Diagnosis & Treatment planning
  • Diagnostic aids – Intra and extra oral photographs, OPG reading, Model analysis, Cephalometric tracing and analysis (Steiner’s, Down’s and Tweed’s analysis)
  • Early treatment in orthodontics – Pre-Orthodontic Trainers
  • Removable Appliance Therapy including habit breaking appliances : Understanding the parts and activation
  • Space Maintainers
  • Method of gaining space with special emphasis on extraction vs non extraction
  • Effects of extraction on the profile of a patient
  • Retention and relapse
  • Fixed Orthodontic Treatment – Straight wire technique using the MBT system
    • Bonding and banding on typhodonts
    • Identifying the instruments and materials used in fixed orthodontic treatment
    • Bonding of brackets and molar tubes in patients (max 5 new cases)
    • Wires used and the sequence of placing the archwires
    • Space Closure and Sliding Mechanics
    • Anchorage
    • Finishing and Detailing
    • Retention Protocol with training on lingual retainers
  • Correction of Class I, Class II, and Class III Malocclusions
  • Correction of Deep bite, Open bite and Cross bite
  • Current perspectives : brief information on ceramic, self ligating brackets and clear aligners


  • Lectures focusing on clinical and current knowledge
  • Course mentored by experienced MDS faculty
  • Student will be accompanying the Orthodontist for visits to view and discuss orthodontic cases
  • Opportunity to learn all stages of fixed orthodontic treatment from the ongoing cases in the academy : Five Ist stage, five IIndstage and five IIIrdstage patients
  • Opportunity to follow up the cases started by the student
  • Help and guidance for your future cases


  • Contemporary Orthodontics-Proffit
  • Diagnosis And Treatment Planning :The Preadjusted Appliance- Bennett & Mclaughin

Duaration & Classes

  • 18 Classes
  • 2.30 Hours each

Orthodontic course in Delhi


Academy of dental excellence has been working for 21 years and have been the best dental academy in India. We give maximum patient exposure in each clinical field we provide. We are rated one of the best orthodontic course in Delhi and India. Our team is skilled to teach and give you hands-on clinical experience. We have students from all over the world, and our alumni's have been one of the best dentists in their hometown. We believe in perfection and excellence in every dental field.

Dr Tanvir Singh is a practising orthodontist for 21 years now. He designed the course himself to make orthodontic easy accessible to every dentist and make it one of the best orthodontic course in India. We are in academics for the past 18 years and has numerous research publications in various Indian and international journals. He had the vision to make this the best orthodontic course in Delhi 20 years back, but now it's the best orthodontic course in India.

In the academy of dental excellence, we go by our name and provide the best orthodontic course in India. We customize the course according to the students' needs and demands. We emphasize theoretical knowledge and give equal importance to the clinical part of the orthodontic course.

In the academy, we prefer small class size to maximize the learning experience. So that every student can get the amount of attention needed to learn and grasp the technique. Due to pandemic, we have started giving one on one class for the safety of the student and our team. Our academy only provides this for the orthodontic course in Delhi.

We not only customize the course according to the student but also the timing for the student's ease in our orthodontic course. We respect our student’s valuable timing and are happy to accommodate.

At the academy of dental excellence, we are trying to provide the best orthodontic course in India, so we give the student all the new techniques and let them do the hands-on for the same. This enhances the student skills in the orthodontic field and provides confidence to the student to stand high in this competitive world.

To make your stay easy, we even provide you with the hotel, stay near the academy building at an extra cost. We have our own guest house within walking distance of the academy and recommend the nearby PG accommodations.

We start the course with the theory, clear the basics about the cephalometric tracing model analysis, and co-relate it with the cases. Once the theory is clear to the student, we make them do cephalometric analysis and model analysis on the patient cast and lateral cephalogram. Once they understand how to interpret the reading of both the analysis with the treatment planning, we make the students learn about the bonding on the models first and then on the patients under the orthodontist's complete guidance. Students are given five new cases to strap-up. Students are also allotted with old cases on the 2nd and 3rd stage to understand how to progress further after the bonding. We take the patient along on our visiting clinics to get more exposure to the orthodontic cases that we are doing and vouch for conducting the best orthodontic course in India.

We at the academy of dental excellence provide two types of orthodontic course. One is a long term course for four months, and the other is the short-term course for a month. The difference between the two is the amount of patient we provide to the students. In the long term, course student is given 5 cases for each stage, i.e. stage 1, 2, and 3. After completing the cases, students are allowed to come every month to complete their cases and follow-up on the cases to make them understand the treatment's progress.

Whereas in the short term course, we provide the 3 cases of each stage to understand each step well enough and get the confidence to do it independently at their clinic. The course is basically fabricated for students who have minimal time and budget but want to excel in the orthodontic field. In the academy, we try to do justice to both the courses and students, thus being one of the best orthodontic courses in Delhi.

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