CDE Programme In Endodontics


CDE Programme In Endodontics


Learn Endodontics from the best

Welcome to the Academy of Dental Excellence in Delhi, where we offer a comprehensive CDE Endodontics Programme designed to enhance your expertise and advance your career in endodontics. Our programme provides a unique blend of academic training and hands-on clinical experience, ensuring you gain the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to excel in this specialized field. Join us to learn from experienced professionals, access state-of-the-art facilities, and take a significant step forward in your dental career.

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Scope of the program

  • Discussions on Diagnoses & treatment planning, during the treatments
  • Concepts of Access opening, cleaning and shaping, and obturation of Root canals by using latest equipment like RVG, Apex locator, Rotary endodontic instruments, are discussed & demonstrated.
  • Radiographic Interpretation.
  • Rotary RCT:There are many rotary system (protaper, highflex, waveoneetc) available in the market, which makes the candidate confuse, of which system to use. Here we can help you learn, how to use and which enodontic system to use, according to canal.
  • Re-RCT:Re- RCT is performed in an attempt to save thetooth from extraction, which is our utmost priority. Here we provide relevant lectures & hands on clinical experience on the topic.
  • Emergencies in Endodontics: Emergencies in endodontics need to be handled skillfully to prolong the survival of the affected tooth in the oral cavity and the possible emergency situations, their causes and the ways to manage them effectively are discussed here.
  • We help students manage an emergency of endodontic origin and, in addition, how to do so efficiently. This will be divided into the following key steps: diagnosis, anesthesia (especially of “hot teeth”), canal instrumentation, and post-op pain and infection management.

Duration & Format

  • 24 Classes
  • 2.30 Hours
  • 2 Months (Flexible)

Curriculum Overview

  • To Perform the RCT independently on the patient.
  • Radiographic interpretation and treatment planning
  • Lectures focusing on clinical and current knowledge
  • All endodontic cases are done under expert’s supervision.

Books Recommended

  • GROSSMAN-Text book of endodontics
  • Ingle 6th Edition
  • Cohen 10th Edition
Our Faculty

Meet Our Experience Team Members

Dr Vandana Singh
BDS, MDS Conservative dentistry and Endodontics
Dr Shibani Chakravorty
BDS, MDS Conservative dentistry and Endodontics

Best institute. I am glad I attended here for the endodontic program. All the staff and faculty are supportive- cleared a lot of doubts in dentistry which was not restricted to the program I attended. Special thanks to my mentor Dr shibani who gave me lot of patients to work on. Thanks to everyone

Dr Lalthanmawii

I have always been scared when it comes to RCT but now I am confident that I am able to do the RCT very confidently. Thanks to the Academy of Dental Excellence for providing me good staff and sample number of patients to practice and making me confident

Dr Jyoti Saini

My experience in the academy of dental excellence is one of the best experience I had in dentistry. All the staffs were friendly and I have learned dso much from the academy. Thank you for everything and hope to come back for more programs. Special thanks to Dr Jagriti, Dr Shibani, Dr Tanya shukla and raju bhaiya for helping me in every way. God bless

Dr Lalrinzuali Hranhsel

It was a good experience and a composed eye opener. Especially the endodontic and the crown bridge program I am really thankful that I was mentored by Dr shibani and Dr Tanya sethi and none the less not forgetting all the other staff at the academy. I hope to come back for more training more times

Dr Noor Abdi Hasaaa

All the doctors and staffs are very cooperative and sincere to every work of the students. Could learn so much from the academy in very short time. Academy’s directors and were very sincere and nice people.

Dr Ratandeep kaur

Students Testimonials

Dr. Aastha Sharing her experience On Completion of Endodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry Program.

Endodontics Trainee | Dr Mohita Singh

Dr Lalchhankimi from Mizoram

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered in the Endodontics program curriculum?

Please visit the webpage for the program content –

How does this program prepare students for real-world endodontic procedures?

The program prepares its participants for routine clinical endodontics. Participants learn pain management and are able to perform multiple and single visit RCTs independently, for all teeth as well as plan out long-term successful treatment options for their patients.

What kind of practical experience will I gain during the Endodontics program?

The program focuses on clinical work making the participant confident in carrying out routine endodontic procedures independently, including but not limited to single and multiple visit RCTs, 3rd molar RCTs, re RCTs, post and cores, file retrieval/bypass etc.

Who are the key instructors for the Endodontics program?

Experienced MDS faculty will be mentoring the programme.

Is there a final project or thesis requirement for this program?


How do I know if Endodontics is the right specialization for me?

YEndodontics is the backbone of dentistry. Relieving a toothache without the need for extraction is a game changer. Having basic knowledge of Endodontics is a must in dentistry.

What are the class sizes for the Endodontics program?

Short programs can be customized as per individual requirements. Standard endo program has 4-5 students per batch

Can I attend a demo class before enrolling in the program?

We don’t provide demo classes, but yes you can visit the academy anytime and have a review of the program.

What is the process for applying to the Endodontics program?

Please reach out to the program coordinator at – 9999968864.