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CDE Programme IN Oral Medicine and Radiology

Oral medicine and Oral radiology basic programme is especially designed for young dental professionals to help them accurately diagnose the dental problems and properly manage the same. This programme will enhance your skills in diagnosing and management of various red and white lesions like OSMF, Leukoplakia etc.

Why should you join oral medicine and radiology programme??

  • Did you ever come across a problem in treating patient with reduced mouth opening?? It could be due to oral sub mucous fibrosis
  • Did you have patient whose denture did not fit properly or always complained of pain and burning sensation due to its use?? It could be due to Oral Candidiasis or Apthous ulcers.
  • Did you ever face a problem in treating patients who have episodes of ulcer? It could be herpetic ulcers
  • Do you have patients who complain of pain and there is a no dental cause? It could be due to or facial pain or Temporo Mandibular joint pain
  • Do you face problem in taking intra oral radiographs, OPG, and other radiographs?
  • Do you face problem in interpreting them?
  • Do you face problem in making developer and fixer solutions?

Oral Medicine and Radiology Programme

Programme covers-

History taking and investigations

How to take proper case history, formulating correct diagnosis, by clinical data and prescribing specific tests to confirm the same.

Diagnosis and treatment planning

How to diagnose and differentiate lesions from each other and to give appropriate treatment in the following

Diagnosis of potentially malignant disorders (all red and white lesions like Leukoplakia, Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis, Leukoplakia, Lichen planus , Oral Candidiasis etc) by various tests including vital staining and biopsy.

Temporo mandibular joint disorder( Dislocation, Disk dearangements)

Oro facial pain( Trigeminal neuralgia, Atypical facial pain)

Viral lesions ( Herpetic lesions ,Apthous ulcers)

Drugs used in Dentistry

Prescription of correct dose of antibiotics, analgesics, desensitizing agents, mouthwash and other commonly used in curing dental problems.

Prescription of drugs in Herpetic ulcers, Apthous ulcers , Leukoplakia , Oral lichen Planus, Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis etc

Oral Radiology

Prescribing correct radiographs for the diagnosis like IOPA, OPG, OCCLUSAL, LATERAL CEPH

Proper technique in taking radiographs that includes correct positioning of the patient, film and proper angulations for the same

Developing and processing of the radiographs

Interpretation of radiographs

Modifications for special cases like edentulous area, children and uncooperative patients.

Duration- 1 Month
Classes- 12/ (3 Classes in One Week)

NOTE- Each student would be allowed to do 10 IOPA, 3 OPGS, 3 LATERAL CEPHALOGRAMS

Programme fees- 50,000/- (Fifty Thousand Rupees Only)

"All expenses material , instruments and lab cost has to be borne by the students."

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