CDE Programme In Dental Implants


CDE Programme In Dental Implants


Dental Implants

At the Academy of Dental Excellence in Delhi, our Dental Implant Program is meticulously crafted to provide dental professionals with a comprehensive understanding of implantology. This program focuses on the biomechanics of implants and the biology of implant-based oral rehabilitation, ensuring you gain in-depth knowledge essential for successful outcomes.
Participants will learn how to effectively select cases and conduct thorough clinical and radiographic assessments of patients for dental implant rehabilitation. The program is designed to help you achieve a high level of skill and confidence in standard implant placement procedures.
Additionally, our experienced instructors will provide practical tips to help you avoid common pitfalls and complications in implantology. Join us to enhance your expertise and deliver exceptional care in dental implantology.

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Scope of the program

  • When & why to choose a classical implant retained fixed restorations post extraction
  • Introduction to Implantology
  • History
  • Classification
  • Surgical anatomy of the maxilla & mandible
  • Diagnosis
  • Case selection & treatment planning
  • Medical considerations in implants


  • Pharmacology in implants
  • BONE:-relation to implants
  • Bone density
  • Bone biology & physiology
  • Anatomic considerations
  • Concepts of Osseo integration: - a cellular phenomenon
  • Biotype classification
  • SAC classification


  • Different types & designs of implants
  • Radiology in implants:-
  • Opg diagnosis
  • CT planning with advanced planning software
  • Virtual planning with CBCT evaluation
  • Surgical guide fabrication
  • Basic armamentarium & preoperative assessment including sterility protocols.
  • Hands on: - Incision & Flap design rationale, Suturing techniques on dummy models.

  • Concepts of basic implant surgical techniques A to Z – step by step
  • Introduction to different implant systems
  • Specific Implant selection
  • Implant dentistry – A periodontal perspective
  • Peri-implant soft tissue complex
  • Predictable bone remodeling Vs Crestal bone loss


  • Understand the pitfalls in hard & soft tissue anatomy
  • Hands on: - Implant placement on the model
  • Preoperative dental operatory protocol for Implants
  • Live conventional implant placement by the mentor
  • Essential aspects of Physiodispenser units
  • The mystique about membranes


  • Live implant placement by the participant with bone evaluation
  • Individual case planning & post operative evaluation with discussion
  • Occlusion in Implants
  • Socket preservation techniques & materials
  • Flap or Flapless implantology
  • Immediate implants: how to place it & to load or not to load?

  • What are Prosthetic components & Abutments?
  • Hype about bone grafts: - what is the best graft material?
  • Titanium tacs for membrane stabilization
  • Prosthetic options for individual clinical case
  • Gingival modification prior to Impressions
  • Different impression techniques i.e. Abutment & Fixture level


  • Guideline to prosthetic options
  • Cement retained / screw retained
  • Optimal Abutment selection criteria
  • Single Vs Two stage
  • Implant overdentures
  • Philosophy
  • Advantages & disadvantages


  • Planning for implant placement
  • Ball over - partials
  • Understand how bone density & implant diameter affects prosthesis type & design
  • The hybrid prosthesis
  • Basic principle of maxillary sinus elevation
  • All on four & all on six concept
  • Hands on: – Over denture demonstration

  • Specialized implant impression trays
  • Bite registration for full mouth rehabilitation with implants
  • Biomechanical considerations
  • Implant platforms


  • Abutment connection & designs
  • Analysis of biomechanical factors for prosthetic options like single implant crowns, fixed partial crowns.
  • Loading protocols
  • Concepts of occlusion in Implant retained prosthesis


  • Peri-Implant soft tissue management
  • Provisionalization of Implants
  • Gingival former selection & recovering of osseointegrated implants
  • Basic principle of maxillary sinus elevation
  • Hands on: - Impression on models

Module – 5
  • Live hands on: - Impression taking on the patient
  • Periimplantitis
  • Causes, diagnosis & management


  • Maintenance of Implants
  • Immediate prosthesis in Aesthetic zone
  • Final prosthetic rehabilitation by the participants


  • Prosthetic complications management

Material provided by the Academy
  • Prosthetic training by the Prosthodontist.
  • Full 1 year follow-up/consultation
  • Special surgical kit provided by the Academy to the students during the programme.

Duration & Format

Total Classes - 10

5 Classes 5 Classes
Implant Surgery full day class
Implant theory & implant placement
Implant prosthetic class (5 half day classes)
3.5 Hours 2.5 Hours
1 Week 1 Week

Curriculum Overview

  • To have a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics of Implants and biology of implant-based oral rehabilitation.
  • To enable case-selection, clinical & radiographic assessment of patients for dental implant rehabilitation
  • To achieve a satisfactory degree of skill and confidence in standard implant placement
  • To get practical tips on how to avoid common pitfalls and complications in Implantology
Our Faculty

Meet Our Experience Team Members

Dr. Supreet Sawhney
BDS, MDS Oral and maxillofacial Surgery
Dr Rohit Lal
BDS, MDS Oral and maxillofacial Surgery
Dr Tanya Sethi
BDS, MDS Orthodontics

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Students Testimonials

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Endodontics Trainee | Dr Mohita Singh

Dr Lalchhankimi from Mizoram

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the core components of the Dental Implants program?

The dental implant program is divided in 2 parts – Implant surgical module and Implant prosthesis module.

How much hands-on training is provided in the Dental Implants program?

Demonstration and hands-on on implant placement models as well as 3 implant hands-on on live patients.

Who are the experts leading the Dental Implants program?

Experienced MDS faculty will be mentoring the programme.

What are the latest trends in implant dentistry covered in this program?

Please visit the webpage for the program content –

Are there any prerequisites for joining the Dental Implants program?

The student/practitioner applying for the programme should have a minimum BDS graduation

How can graduates of the Dental Implants program advance their careers?

Students/Practioners after completing dental implant programme will be confident enough to handle basic and complex implant surgical procedures at their clinical centers.

What is the duration and format of the Dental Implants program?

The duration is approximately 10 days including both the modules. Format for the program is available at –

What are the steps to apply for the Dental Implants program?

Please reach out to the program coordinator at – 9999968864.