Boomers – The Ideal Cosmetic Candidates

Boomers – The Ideal Cosmetic Candidates

Have you ever wondered why there has been such a recent boom in the cosmetic industry? A few years ago, visiting the dentist in itself was a luxury to most but in the present day, over 75% of the population visits the dentist and are aware of dental hygiene. It is important to dig into some of the health benefits of cosmetic dentistry :

  • It helps to prevent tooth decay and an ounce of prevention is better than cure. Regular cosmetic procedures involving cleaning and whitening focus on your teeth’s appearance as well as their health. 
  • Dental hygiene also contributes to overall health as gum diseases are known to increase the risk of other diseases like diabetes and cancer. Dental problems can also lead to stress which contributes to poor health.  
  • Some dental concerns can cause your teeth or jaws to misalign. This can result in your teeth grinding as you sleep which causes problems in your sleep pattern. Lack of sleep can have significant repercussions on your health, as well. Visiting the dentist and getting yourself treated prevents jaw aches which could also lead to headaches. 
  • With a cosmetic dental procedure, you do not have to think twice before eating your favorite food. If having sore teeth was the reason you held back for all these years, then this is it. Cosmetic dentistry lets you stop overthinking every single thing that you eat.
  • It plays a major role in your self-confidence. Moreover, self-confidence may seem linked with just how you look but in this case, it also has a lot to do with your health. In ways that are unrelated to appearance, your self-confidence will adversely affect your wellbeing. It is well known that it leads to mental health problems such as depression or anxiety.

Who are the ideal cosmetic candidates?

Almost every teenager these days has braces, it’s like they are a style statement. People are so conscious about their smiles, not their looks, their smiles. People of all age groups are lined up at the dentist for a ‘smile-makeover’ even if it means just getting their teeth bleached. Appearance and beauty have always been important to people of all parts of the world, and this can not be specific to a generation. Even the baby boomers or the ‘Me Generation’ believe that the face of aging is changing. People wish to maintain a youthful appearance starting from their smile because of which it is not only the teenagers or the mid 20’s who are self-conscious of how they look that visit a cosmetic dentist but also the 35-55-year-old age-group wishing to maintain their healthy and beautiful smiles. I suppose it’s convenient to say that people of all age groups have brought a boom to the cosmetic industry, they are indeed the ‘Boomers’!

Why the Millenials are a perfect fit?

With age, natural and physical changes happen. These developments will be encountered by every person; the only variable is to what degree and when. Usually, decaying teeth fade to a yellowish shade. In addition, decay and wear and tear lead to a rather less youthful look. Developments in dentistry such as laser whitening, natural color inlays/onlays, and crowns have made it possible to make the millennials and their aged teeth appear young again. Current trends indicate that people are willing to go out of their way and even spend that extra fortune to get the vibrant, white, and healthy smile that suits their lifestyle and image. However, there are still challenges and concerns that patients face because of which many who wish to make a visit to the dentist hold themselves back. Pain is one of the main reasons a lot of people never step into a dentist’s clinic. Other concerns include time and the length and number of seatings of the procedures. However, the primary concern, not surprisingly, is the high cost that most people cant afford.

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